Rootz 1960 Alcoholic Bitters


Steeped in the power of Nigerian roots, herbs and fruit, 1960 ROOTZ is a herbal bitter liqueur with a bold and authentic taste. Launched on Nigeria’s independence day (1st october), the brand is a a proud celebration of freedom and a salute to those who boldly forge their own destinies. Uniquely blended to perfection with extracts of the finest african grown herbs & roots, 1960 ROOTZ boasts flavours of caramel, fruit, myrrh, star anise, rhubarb, chamomile, thyme and orange. Tasting Notes: Moderately sweet with a light fruity taste, which is balanced by the restrained bitterness typical of a traditional herbal liqueur.


1960 ROOTZ is best served chilled and can be enjoyed neat in a glass with ice.